Free Electrons | FAQ
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How long is the Free Electrons program?

6 months. The first module starts in Silicon Valley in late April and finishes in Singapore in September.

What are the different activities in each module?

Each module has three types of activities:

#learn = Advanced skills training for startup entrepreneurs, focusing on working with utilities

#connect = Engagement with startups, investors and other stakeholders in the local clean energy ecosystem

#business = Structured session between startups and utilities. Focusing accelerate your solution through advice and mentoring, potential pilots, contracts or investments with the participating utility companies

More information can be found here

Do the utility partners or accelerator partners take equity in the startups?

No, we do not take equity in any of the startups that participate in Free Electrons.

What happens after the Free Electrons program?

At Free Electrons, it’s our goal to expose you to a group of international utilities that can help you scale. What you do after is up to you.

When is the application deadline?

The application window closes at midnight on February 28 2017 (Pacific Time).

If I don’t have a working prototype, can I still apply?

Yes, however, it is highly suggested that you have a working prototype to increase your chances of being selected for the Free Electrons program. Free Electrons requires startups to have already raised their seed round or equivalent of capital, therefore many startups will have a working prototype by then and have the available resources to support a pilot trial in an international location.

If I can’t make one of the modules, can I still participate in the other modules?

Participation of two members of your leadership team in each module is obligatory.

What costs are the startups responsible for?

All travel, accommodation and most food costs will be paid for by Free Electrons.

What travel documents are required for each module?

You need to be able to obtain your visa for each of the 3 countries involved ahead of each of the modules. Free Electrons will be able to assist with invitation letters, however it is your own responsibility to obtain valid travel documents.